A Handful of Summers


CONDITION  Brand New / Print on Demand*

SIZE  130 x 196 mm approx


"A classic memoir, A Handful of Summers is the hilarious account of the tennis travels of champion South African doubles partnership GORDON FORBES and ABE SEGAL, and of the riotous characters who populated the amateur tennis world in the 1950s and 60s as it stumbled towards professionalism. Full of superb anecdotes, bursting with vitality and humour, and written with unflagging zest and panache, it is a unique dressing-room view of the tennis world."

(330 pages, paperback)

*A note about "PRINT ON DEMAND" books

A HANDFUL OF SUMMERS is a great book, but it is no longer available in regular bookshops. However publishers Harper Collins offer a service to booksellers whereby batches are printed to meet special orders. As a result, we are able to keep this book permanently in stock, albeit at a slightly higher price.


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