Federer and Me: A Story of Obsession



SIZE  145 x 225 x 30 mm

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I was working on our stand at the 2015 Surbiton Trophy when one of our good friends and regular book-buying customers came up to me clutching an unfamiliar volume in an attractive white dustjacket. "What's that?" I blurted out with indecent haste, and it turned out to be a new book that's very enjoyable for Federer devotees such as myself.

William Skidelsky has written about tennis for the Observer and The Economist, and in this book he chronicles his obsessive devotion to ROGER FEDERER, culminating in his frantic eleventh-hour efforts to get a ticket for the 2014 Wimbledon Men's Singles final.

(Federer and Me: A Story of Obsession by William Skidelsky, Yellow Jersey Press, UK, 280 pages, hardback with dustjacket)

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