The First 100 Years of Hungarian Tennis


In the ENGLISH language.

"The First 100 Years of Hungarian Tennis by Pal Szoke is a comprehensive account of the history of tennis in Hungary. From its humble beginnings to the present day, this book covers the evolution of tennis in Hungary over the past century. The author provides a wealth of information on the pioneers of Hungarian tennis, the greatest players, and the most memorable moments in the sport's history in Hungary.

This book is an essential read for tennis enthusiasts, sports historians, and anyone interested in the development of tennis as a sport. Through engaging writing and fascinating archival photos, The First 100 Years of Hungarian Tennis offers a unique perspective on tennis in Hungary, exploring the ways in which the sport has been intertwined with the country's culture and history.

Whether you're a fan of tennis, a lover of history, or simply curious about the impact of sports on society, this book is a must-read. Order your copy of The First 100 Years of Hungarian Tennis today and discover the rich history of this beautiful sport in Hungary."

Paperback, 80 pages