Becker and Graf - The Rise of German Tennis


FORMAT  VHS video casette

CONDITION  Previously-owned / Good

SIZE  120 x 200 x 28 mm



"THE RISE OF GERMAN TENNIS chronicles the unstoppable progress from the relative obscurity of their domestic game of BORIS BECKER and STEFFI GRAF, two sports superstars whose relentless assault on professional tennis and its prizes - The Wimbledon Championships, in particular - has captured the imagination of sports fans all over the world."

The modern Wimbledon action begins in 1985 when, aged just 17, Becker becomes the first unseeded player to win the Men's Singles title and the first German to make a Wimbledon men's final since the 1930s. (TENNIS GALLERY NOTE: Wilhelm Bungert did of course reach the final in 1967, losing to John Newcombe in just 67 minutes.)

The resurgence of German tennis underway, he's later joined in his bid for further glory by compatriot Steffi Graf who, after making her Wimbledon debut at 15, wrests the Ladies' title from MARTINA NAVRATILOVA four years later.

Featuring interviews with the players themselves, their opponents, coaches and friends, the Rise of German Tennis charts the development of both players from their first strokes on court to their historic joint singles title wins in 1989."

RUNNING TIME  30 minutes