2014 Roland Garros Annual


This book, which should have been published in September 2014, arrived in our shop in Wimbledon Park on Wednesday 27 May 2015. Roland Garros Annuals are always beautiful; this one is highly collectable too!


The ROLAND GARROS OFFICIAL ANNUAL is usually published in Paris around three months after the tournament is completed. We are the only shop in the UK to stock this book, because the FFT does not have a distribution system for books. The way we get our copies is by encouraging our regular book-loving customers to place advance orders, and we then visit Roland Garros in October or November each year to collect the books. It needs a car to do this, because they are very heavy and courier costs would be prohibitive.

In 2014 we made the usual enquiry with our friends at the FFT in the autumn, but the books were not ready and there was no known date when they would be available. We enquired again before Christmas, and the answer was the same. We were told there would be no news until January. Well, skip forward several months and several enquiries, and just a week before the 2015 tournament we were told the books are available and we can collect them when we attend the tournament on Monday and Tuesday 25 and 26 May!

You can't take a car into Roland Garros during the tournament, of course, but with the co-operation of the FFT we found a way to get the heavy packs of books out!

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