A History of Tennis by E. B. Noel and J. O. M. Clark (2 volumes)


This is the highly sought-after First Edition, limited to 800 copies, and it is richly adorned with illustrations derived from photographs, old engravings, and more. Volume I boasts an impressive collection of 106 plates spanning 80 leaves, while Volume II contains 54 plates spread across 47 leaves. The combined pagination amounts to xv, 281; viii, 282-580 pages, making this an extensive and comprehensive two-volume set in a 4to format.

Regarded as the authoritative work on the history of court tennis, this edition holds special significance. Historical records from the Oxford University Press indicate that approximately 380 sets of this edition were pulped in 1932, revealing that the true limitation is closer to 420 copies. This information can be found in Whitman's reference on page 28 and Henderson's account on page 208.

Both volumes are presented in publisher's blue buckram bindings. Additionally, the original front pictorial dust wrappers for each volume are preserved and included with the set. The profusion of illustrations, including the aforementioned plates, adds to the visual splendour of this remarkable publication.