Sport and The Artist Volume 1 - Ball Games


CONDITION  Previously-owned / Excellent

SIZE  220 x 280 x 30 mm approx

POSTAL WEIGHT  2.0 kilograms

This lavishly-illustrated book, which contains a wealth of visual delights and many contrasts in techniques and fashion in art, is a mine of information not just about art but also about the games and sports depicted. It can be used and enjoyed by sportsmen, social historians and of course those with an interest in sporting paintings. A complete chapter is dedicated to Lawn Tennis, with fifteen works on the subjected reproduced, including several paintings of the various courts at Wimbledon.

SPORT AND THE ARTIST - VOLUME 1: BALL GAMES by Mary Ann Wingfield (Antique Collectors' Club, UK, 1988, 360 pages, hard covers with dustjacket, large format)

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