Standing in Line: 30 Years of Obsessive Queuing at Wimbledon


CONDITION  Brand new

SIZE  145 x 225 mm approx


BEN CHATFIELD first went to the Wimbledon Championships in 1984 with his Mum. Falling in love with the event, he went on to join the overnight queue for tickets in nearly all of the 30 years that followed, meeting an extraordinary array of people and making many friends.

If TS Eliot’s J. Alfred Prufrock “measured out his life in coffee spoons”; Ben Chatfield’s years are almost certainly charted by a growing array of Wimbledon tickets, wristbands and stickers. The book is a great read, telling the story of Wimbledon from the year’s of Becker and Graf through to the golden moment when a British man finally lifted the Gentlemen’s Singles trophy. It is beautifully illustrated too by the talented Zebedee Helm.

(Pitch Publishing, UK, 288 pages, hardback)


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