Visions of Wimbledon



SIZE  240 x 280 x 15 mm approx

POSTAL WEIGHT  1.25 kilograms

"A celebration of the world's finest Wimbledon photography by the Allsport Photographic Agency." Allsport used to be based in Colliers Wood, near Wimbledon, and in the early years of the 21st century Elaine Lobo was their knowledgeable and helpful tennis editor. She organised and catalogued thousands of tennis photographs from all over the world each month, and was instrumental in the selection of photographs for this fine book, which has many great general views of the Wimbledon grounds plus shots of star players such as ANDRE AGASSI, TIM HENMAN, ANNA KOURNIKOVA, PETE SAMPRAS, JOHN McENROE, BUNNY AUSTIN, HELEN WILLS and many, many more.

VISIONS OF WIMBLEDON edited by Elaine Lobo (Andre Deutsch, UK, 2000, 144 pages, hard covers with dustjacket, large format)

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