Little Signs October 22 2014

Wimbledon's Honorary Librarian ALAN LITTLE showed modest surprise yesterday when asked to sign another batch of copies of his new book for Tennis Gallery Wimbledon customers.  The book is entitled THE GOLDEN DAYS OF TENNIS ON THE FRENCH RIVIERA 1874-1939 and weighs in at a solid 1.7 kilograms. Alan's modesty is refreshing in these days when self-promotion is the norm for many authors, and the reason his new book is so popular is easy to see. The tournaments at NICE, CANNES and MONTE CARLO in the late 19th and early 20th centuries attracted fashionable, well-to-do people from all over the world to watch and play, and this glamorous heritage remains part of tennis's unique appeal today. We think Alan will be asked to sign a lot more books in the weeks and months to come!